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Nov 3, 2012 7:15pm EDT
it, but why is that the only game in town? they have ten times the ratings of cnn and msnbc, but it's not occurred to cnn and msnbc. they get higher ratings. i wonder if we should try to be fair and balanced. [laughter] [applause] team popular. by the way, just a small point on -- this is why i am doing piers morgan in a couple weeks. [laughter] i tweeted him that i was avoiding it because he preat a times and edits before it goes to live. i want it live. i don't want my remarks back to him edited out. that's all i asked for, and -- [applause] an example was a month ago, and it was more than this, chitchatting withed to kopp will, -- kopple, and, yes, he's still alive. i said you're taking a 30-second clip of this, take it out of context and use what you want. don't you have enough of this, and can't we move on? he said, yes, he was going to be doing that. we talked about my position, and, by the way, i never worked for fox news, i'm a frequent guest, i'm a viewer of fox news. i never worked for them. the only tv station i worked for is ha-ha, msnbc. [laughter] i was just stating as
Nov 25, 2012 1:00am EST
news but why is that the only game in town? they have 10 times the ratings of cnn but it has not occurred two msnbc they are getting higher ratings of wonder if we should try being fair and balanced? [applause] just a small point* i am doing peers market and a few weeks. the reason i have been avoiding it because the pre-tapes than edits i just want it to be live by don't mice naughty remarks back to be added did out. that is all i asked. [applause] i probably but not get it but and example was i was in l.a. more than our jeht chatting with ted koppel. yes, but he is still alive. [laughter] we were arguing the entire time finally said he will take a 302nd club and put it out of context don't you have enough by now? must we go on? he said yes. but we were arguing about my position and i have never worked for fox news really tv station workforce is msnbc. [laughter] i + 80 as a factual matter you want both sides i watch msnbc for fun but to find out what is going on i go to fox. among the examples was if you watch msnbc right now, you might miss the story about our ambassador b
Nov 3, 2012 8:00am EDT
look in front of me and cnn who has got these kind of orange colored hair comes so brightly covered and first-generation kind of hair plugs. it shows you how slow i am. i think to myself, and that must be what strom thurmond's head looks like. and of course it wasn't strom thurmond. i realize that when people were reaching over and tried to shake his hand. i wanted to shake his hand because i've been in d.c. that summer for the first time and i've met all these politicians had seen on tv. it had a great thrill. i got to go home and speech made as rotary club and i wanted to tell them about all the famous people at hennepin washington d.c. i was going to shake his hand when i got off the plane, but as i got off the plane, there were people lined up to shake his hand. i didn't get in line. i'm thinking, i wasn't a constituent. i'm a south carolinians. i don't have anything to say to them and to be honest, i was a little self-conscious. it's a busy airport, a lot of different kinds of people in there. i was self-conscious about standing in line to greet him at his best known for his se
Nov 25, 2012 10:45am EST
estate and that was the chinese and other foreign official bodies who were buying cnn friday obligations, which money was going to feed the bobo. but they were buying up rightly assume that the government would take care of them, even though they have virtually participated in running a risk. the risk would fall and somebody else and hundred paulson mr. interesting memoir with a telly went to china for the olympics and told the chinese finance minister something might come you see i told you i take your review. any other questions? one in the back here and then will come to you in the front. >> hi, david carrier, national association of credit unions. i'm curious who you feel should be securitizing mortgages and if you feel it is the banks, why should we trust them after what just happened? i'd like to hear from each of you on that one, thinks. >> were you trying to direct that to somebody in particular? >> to all three. >> up, we would be the first crack in and keep her other comments brief however. >> i would say it doesn't matter so much to does the securitization. i would be in favor
Nov 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
. and away the hilt essay for he presented a call to action imploring parents to become active participants in changing the reading habits of their two. and on a personal note, when we received the news that james utterson will be with us at the miami book fair this year, i was more than thrilled when i was also not surprised that his primary reason for coming was not to close books, but instead wanted to make celebrating the notion of family reading and that's what were going to do this morning. mr. patterson is going to come out, say some words and then we'll sit down and engage in a bit of a conversation. but that will also take questions from the audience, so how those wheels turning in a can of questions you might have to answer. if you're young, don't be intimidated. , not because i know he does to your questions from youtube. so please give a really, really warm, warm miami and miami book fair welcome to mr. james patterson. [applause] >> hi, i'm stephen king. [laughter] i was walking in here and this lady said new book much taller in your book jacket photos. [laughter]
Nov 17, 2012 3:00pm EST
cnn, a lot of acronyms. so we took off. we didn't have a couple of videos. rebuild a steady stream of followers. they liked our message. three weeks later we had a book deal, and this is what we wrote, american but better, the canada party manifesto. intervention from your continental bff. out turn it over to brian. he will tell us what we are all about. he's the beautiful face of canada, representing 30 millions people up in the north who want to see return to the great country that you used to be and will be in the future. [applause] >> thank you. i can't even get that done in canada. that's amazing. it was exactly 200 years ago that an adolescent america came north to pick a fight. naturally canada apologized for being invaded, and we have been caught no partners ever since. now, america, you went on, straw, popular, readily get looking. but you were the country that everyone aspired to be. lately you stop playing with the team. you put on a few pounds to missouri hassling women and beating of the gays. he became a bully that other countries fear battelle respect. and actually,
Nov 19, 2012 1:00am EST
to the troops overseas he passes on his books and supports those who does the same. in an essay written for cnn he had a call for action asking parents to become active participants to change they're reading habits of their kids. when receive them induce he would be with us this year i was more than thrilled. was also not surprised is prairie resend was not to promote his books but instead to make this celebrating the notion of family reading. that is the we will do. mr. patterson and will come out to say some words then we will engage in a conversation but take questions from the audience. start thinking of questions. if you are young to not be intimidated. give a warm miami book fair will come to mr. james patterson and. [applause] >> hello. i am stephen king. [laughter] as the was walking and a ladies' said you look much dollar on your book jacket and photos. [laughter] that is my boy jack came home from preschool. was devastating when he went away. where have you been my blue-eyed son? >> talk about the power of stories and the way they can affect the world to change things for the better.
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7